At Cheap Jack's, we take pride in our ability to preserve what amounts to wearable history for our many customers. Shopping in our store, one might find in pristine condition a military frock coat worn by one of Andrew Jackson's troops during the War of 1812. Coming forward in time, again we find Civil War era military coats and original cotton hoop skirts that were worn by any Scarlett O'Hara of the 1860's.

The late Victorian era conjures visions of ladies with “leg o'mutton”-sleeved tops and coats, dotted Swiss shirtwaists, and "shimmies"—straw hats with flowing ribbons billowing on a summer breeze. Men of the same era donned their frock coats if they wanted to look well-groomed enough to impress the ladies. This was the era of laces, eyelets and silk velvets … an era of fine metal-mesh wrist purses for the ladies and beaver fur stove-top hats for the men.  

Come to Cheap Jack's Vintage Clothing and touch history. Try it on, and let your imagination carry you back in time.
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